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OstendiHR is a modern HRM platform that accumulates all necessary solutions to manage soft HR processes.

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Our values

Our values qualify our everyday activities and affect our decisions. In OstendiHR, we ensure that every member of our team adheres to them.

Customers come first

Customer-first! With every action we take, we think about our clients. The most important thing is to care for the effectiveness of the processes. We monitor and check how we can improve the quality of the provided solutions.


Our creativity and unconventional way of thinking help us build the most innovative solution on the market. We think outside the box and share our ideas regardless of age or type of experience. We are not afraid to express our ideas because we know that, thanks to the variety, we can create something special.


We aspire to the best quality in all our actions. For us, attention to detail defines quality. We set ambitious goals and diligently handle our responsibilities. It is the only way to provide value for our clients.


Without the OstendiHR team, we could not have created such a special solution. We know that together we can do more, so we share experiences and help each other.

OstendiHR—learn about our HRM solutions!

OstendiHR history

Ostendi Global is a technology organization originating from a consulting and advisory company. Ostendi Global was founded in 2019, although the OstendiHR platform has a much longer history.

Originally, Ostendi Global was created by a team of five talents. Thanks to their work, our solutions were implemented in both Poland and other Western European nations.

The principle “Customer & HR first” made us the leader in the HRM market.

We aspire to become the best choice when it comes to providing data about the effectiveness of the employee during his engagement in the company. Our best solutions are used by many international clients in profiling employees and surveying competencies.

For process automation, highest security standards, and global implementation possibility, choose the OstendiHR platform

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Train people well enough so they can leave, and treat them well enough so they don’t want to.

Richard Branson

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