AI-based platform to manage trainings in your organization

A platform for managing development processes. Bet on developing and strengthening the skills of your employees.

Why choose a Learning Management System?

By using our module, you will easily manage all the development processes going on in your organization. You will easily schedule activities, add training materials, trainer profiles and provide employees with the ability to request training courses. Your employees will be able to sign up for courses available in the training catalog. They can also propose ones they would like to take.

Bet on talent development

Through the OstendiHR platform, employees can submit various types of requests relating to development activities. They can request external training, participation in a conference, participation in a development project or access to various educational materials. A training request for an employee, can also be issued by their supervisor.

Accelerate and automate

The administrator of development processes on the OstendiHR platform has the ability to add templates for meetings, tasks and surveys. He can assign them to the development processes. In addition, it is also possible to conduct different surveys in the development path like satisfaction or knowledge surveys. When creating a survey, the administrator determines the number of possible attempts and the pass rate.

Ensure good communication and process flow

Your Employee has access to his/her dashboard, where all the most important training information is located. Your employees can download training materials and get to know the trainer’s profile. They can also sign up for training courses available in the catalog, view the history of the training they has received, or download a certificate.

Monitor your training processes with an AI-based platform

As HR practitioners, we know that the most important thing is to monitor the ongoing processes. That’s why the OstendiHR platform, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence (AI), easily provides data on the status of ongoing training, attendance and satisfaction levels of participants. All this information can be found in a clear report that you can generate with a single click.

OstendiHR training module is the tool of the future!

We live in an era of ever-changing realities. Constant technological changes require us to improve our competencies and adapt to changing realities on the labor market.

That’s why development – is definitely a strong trend for the near future. Employees will expect their employers to create the right conditions to strengthen their skills. If they do not receive such opportunities, they will look for them elsewhere.

As numerous studies show, by 2030 some 375 million people around the world will need to acquire new competencies to stay in the labor market. (The McKinsey Global Institute)

Let’s also not forget that the cost of training an existing employee for an employer is much lower than the cost of hiring a new person. That’s why it’s so important for a company to invest in the development of its employees.

A dedicated training platform will help you in efficient management of training processes in the company. You will be able to organize all activities and provide valuable information on the effectiveness of ongoing processes.

Efficiently manage training with a dedicated platform, organizing activities and providing valuable insights into ongoing processes’ effectiveness within your company.

What are the advantages of using our solution?

  • Online accessibility – each employee has access to his own dashboard, where he can download training materials, enroll in a specific training course and submit an application.
  • Automation of the process – by planning the training process in one place, you will save time, eliminate errors and information chaos.
  • Quick access to statistics, thanks to AI – monitor your process based on data thanks to an artificial intelligence (AI) based platform. Track engagement, satisfaction, check the level of knowledge gained and help your employees achieve their goals.

By choosing our solution, you will gain the ability to manage development processes in your company. You can also link the training module with other solutions available on our platform, e.g.

  • With a module for 360-degree Appraisal – which will allow you to verify competency gaps and identify strengths and areas for development among your employees.
  • With OstendiHR’s Onboarding module – when planning the implementation of a new employee, you will also assign the appropriate job training that he or she should receive.

If you want to improve development processes in your organization and more – contact us!

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