Documents and employment history in one place

E-documentation and more – digitize your employees’ information with OstendiHR!

What is Employee e-file?

This is a modern solution that allows you to store information, data and documents about your employees in a comprehensive way. Our tool is a modern answer to traditional employee folders, but has much more useful functionality such as employment history and employee panel.

Access to employee records from anywhere

By using our solutions, you have the ability to store all of your employees’ data and information in one place, allowing you to access files anywhere, anytime.

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Time and cost savings

Maintaining electronic employee records will make it easier for you to find the documents you need, allowing you and your employees to find the necessary information in much less time.

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Employee panel

Each employee in your organization will be given access to an individual account, where they can see and edit their personal data, determine the level of achievement of their goals, and see reports on their surveys. Employees will also have access to the contact information of their colleagues.

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Data security at the highest level

Personal data stored on the platform is protected 24/7 through an encryption procedure and constant monitoring of activity, which provides a higher level of security than when documents are stored in the traditional way. In addition, in case of deletion of documents, it is possible to recover them from backups.

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Employee e-file – employee records management and more

The OstendiHR application allows you to easily and quickly manage employee data and information, which will certainly help streamline HR processes in your company. With the Employee e-file solution, you have the ability to store in one place, among other things:

  • Employee contracts and documents,
  • Basic employee information such as mailing address, email, or phone number,
  • Reports of surveys conducted.

In addition, in the application you will also check:

  • Employee’s onboarding status
  • Job description and responsibilities
  • You will see the entire employment history of the employee in your company

In addition, each of your employees will gain access to an individual account in which they will be able to edit and add basic information about themselves. He will also check the goals set and determine the level of their achievement, read the results of surveys in which he participated and describe his strengths and areas for development.