Streamline document flow within the company, issue and approve electronic leave requests, and efficiently plan team activities.

Why is it worth having a leave management module?

A system tailored to the specifics of different countries

Our leave management module has been customized to adhere to the laws and leave policies of various countries. This means you can confidently use it in international teams where each employee follows a different holiday calendar. On the OstendiHR platform, you can easily import a holiday calendar from a selected country with just one click.

Custom approval workflow

With the OstendiHR system, you have the ability to create universal approval workflow templates assigned to specific positions, which will significantly expedite your work. You can also edit each template in relation to a particular employee to tailor the workflow to your organization’s requirements.

Electronic document workflow

Submitting and approving requests has never been this easy. With our application, you can bid farewell to traditional leave requests, saving time, money, and the environment!

Calculating leave? – Easier than you think

The OstendiHR application is also a significant simplification when it comes to calculating leaves. Input the data, define specific leave day limits, add the employee’s start date, and the application will automatically calculate the number of remaining days to be used.

See what our platform looks like!

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Onboarding new employees

Research shows that the onboarding process highly influences employee turnover. If the onboarding process is handled poorly, you increase the possibility of their leaving your company. It is important to plan this process efficiently as it will allow new employees to accommodate in a new organization faster. 

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