Employee engagement survey

Engagement and opinion surveys allow you to reduce the level of staff turnover.

Why choose the Ostendi Team Insight Survey?

Engagement and opinion surveys allow you to quickly and effectively obtain information on the functioning of important areas affecting your business. Employees know what directly influences the achieved results. Our solutions are not just closed questionnaires. They allow you to adjust the questions to the unique character of your organization. 

Well-organized feedback

The Ostendi Team Insight Survey allows you to investigate the opinion of your employees about the functioning of the most important areas in your company. Thanks to a set of simple questions, you can quickly and effectively obtain information vital for your business development. It may be the basis for implementing solutions that will facilitate various processes. 

Identify strengths and weaknesses of your employees

The Ostendi Team Insight Survey will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organization. The test results are a valuable diagnosis of your employee’s current level of satisfaction and engagement. So, they are a base for implementing solutions for improving the ongoing business processes.

Flexibility in choice of questions

The platform allows you to create your own questionnaire with your original set of questions that will reflect the character of your organization. 

Conscious and efficient management

An employee satisfaction and engagement survey based on a Team Insight Survey is a tool for conscious and efficient management. Combined with a 360 appraisal, it provides you with a consistent image of your company’s strengths, as well as areas for development.

See how we present data in the Ostendi Team Insight Survey report!

A recurrent employee satisfaction survey is a pillar of an effective organization

We developed the Team Insight Survey questionnaire based on Peter Moxon’s concept described in “Building a Better Team: A Handbook for Managers and Facilitators” and the 12 aspects of employee engagement indicated in the Gallup Institute examination.

The Ostendi Team Insight Survey is an in-depth analysis that uses 60 questions to explore the issues relevant to the company’s effective functioning:

  • atmosphere,
  • leadership,
  • communication,
  • purpose awareness, and
  • role and responsibilities distribution.

The daily activities of all employees included in those areas are pillars of efficient organization. A recurrently conducted employee engagement and satisfaction survey allows you to quickly identify problems in your organization and act instantly.

When planning to examine your organization, you must review the questionnaire. Thanks to Ostendi platform functionalities, you can create a survey that suits the unique needs of your organization. 

The Ostendi Team Insight Survey is concluded with one consistent and clear report. It summarises in detail the average results for every dimension and phenomenon, that is questions. We organize the results of the Team Insight Survey with the taxonomy established in your project, e.g. the division of departments, seniority of employees, or their sex (if it does not violate employee’s laws to preserve the right to being anonymous).

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