Employee engagement survey

Listening to the needs and opinions of your employees will generate valuable feedback on how to improve many company processes. 

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Why choose the Employee and Engagement Survey Module

How does one prevent high employee turnover? The key to reducing employee rotation is to listen to your employees’ needs. Thanks to the Ostendi Teams Insight Survey, you will check what employees think about your company. You will also define their level of engagement.

Standardized feedback

The Ostendi Team Insight Survey allows us to see what employees think about the most relevant business areas. Thanks to a set of simple questions, you may quickly and effectively gain the information crucial for business. Based on this, you will plan the implementation of solutions to improve the different processes in your company. 

Conscious and efficient management

The measurement of satisfaction and engagement of your employees based on the Team Insight Survey is a tool for conscious and efficient management. Combined with competencies feedback (i.e. 360 assessments), it builds a consistent image of strengths and areas for improvement regarding the managing model in your organization. 

Quick results

A report from the conducted survey will be available immediately after its completion. It contains a detailed summary of the survey in the form of the average results of examined dimensions and specific questions.

Lots of possibilities

Thanks to the Team Insight Survey, you will check the level of your employee engagement. You will also conduct an exit interview and recurrent polls—pulse checks. 

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Learn your employees’ opinions and build a culture based on feedback

Work culture based on feedback is a very relevant aspect of every organization. One of its pillars is the ability to listen to your employees’ needs. It is very important to recurrently ask employees for their opinion about areas crucial for your company.

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