Unum Życie TUiR S.A.

Unum Życie TUiR S.A. is a part of Unum Group, a leader in the field of financial protection in the United States and Great Britain. The Unum Group has been active for more than 170 years and offers its clients professional insurance adjusted to their individual and organizational needs (group insurance).

In Poland, they have been active for more than 20 years—until 2018 under the name Pramerica Życie. Thanks to years of experience, they know very well the needs and expectations of their local customers. Their structures are located in the 12 largest cities in the country.

Which Ostendi solutions do they use?

This client decided to use the Ostendi Competencies Feedback, which allows feedback collection from multiple sources.

What was the goal?

The goal of this process was to revie the competencies shown by the key employees at multiple levels of the organization’s structure. UNUM decided to use this form of examination because ongoing feedback is a huge part of their company culture as a key aspect of each employee’s development.

What was the process?

The Ostendi Competencies Feedback was first introduced to the members of the Board, and then the Directors, Managers, and individual contributors. Altogether more than 50 people were evaluated, constituting a little over 20% of all employees. The key to success was proper preparation for the evaluation. The evaluated employees first met with their direct reports to communicate the goal and the expected result of the process and encourage them to be open in their feedback. This aim was achieved by organizing meetings with groups of respondents. Occasionally, individual meetings were held. This ensured a high turnover of respondents—on average above 97%.

What was the result?

One of the greatest contributions to the success of this process was individual feedback sessions and results analysis announced prior to the evaluation. The evaluated employees eagerly awaited their feedback sessions, which translated into well-prepared meetings and high activity during the sessions. The process was a great success as a change in behaviour could be observed within days after receiving feedback.