Good Food Products Sp. z o.o.

Good Food Products are pioneers in rice waffle production and the forerunners of a healthy lifestyle in Poland. For 30 years, they have been developing and perfecting their product portfolio on almost all continents in the world. The employees of Good Food Products use their experience and passion to track current food trends, create new recipes, and deliver their products in the shortest possible time. All this is to become a valued partner for their clients, employees, and suppliers.

Which Ostendi solutions do they use?

Good Food Products decided to perform a 360-degree feedback process based on Ostendi Competencies Feedback.

What was the goal?

The goal of the process was to create a culture of constructive feedback and build the management’s awareness of their strengths in the most important competencies, as well as planning development activities.

What was the process?

Good Food Products implemented Ostendi for a 360-degree feedback process that involved Top and Middle Management representatives. The most important part of the process was the appropriate preparation of all partakers (a supervisor, subordinates, and peers) and huge involvement on the HR Department side. To achieve that, each evaluated employee was assigned a counsellor from the HR Department to help keep the process consistent at every stage. Moreover, a schedule was created along with a set of tools to facilitate the communication of the process, i.e. a presentation answering the questions “What is a competencies evaluation? Why do we do this? What competencies are we examining?” Before launch, each supervisor held a meeting with their team to encourage them to participate in the process and, along with their counsellors, presented the premise of the examination.

What was the result?

The process finished with a perfect attendance: 96% in the Top Management and 91% in the Middle! After the examination, each person involved participated in a feedback session. Additionally, every evaluated person had an Individual Development Card created for them to define their competencies and business goals.

To maintain the motto of the process—“Together we create a culture of feedback”—three surveys were performed:

  • For all respondents
  • For evaluated Top Management representatives
  • For evaluated Middle Management representatives

The results showed that the majority of evaluated employees think that this process will contribute to the development of their management competencies. According to Good Food Products, apart from well-planned communication and high involvement of the HR Department, the whole process was successful, thanks to modern technology that allowed the swift performance of the process.