Budimex S.A.

The Budimex Group is one of the largest construction companies in Poland. Their origins date back to 1968 when the Budimex Construction Industry Foreign Trade Centre was founded. The company offers a wide variety of services, including the infrastructure construction of roads, train tracks, airports, and ecological and industrial construction. The group employs almost eight thousand highly qualified specialists, who ensure the company’s success.

Which Ostendi solutions do they use?

In their everyday work, Budimex uses Ostendi Competencies Feedback, Ostendi Talent Hunter, and Shein’s Career Anchors.

What is the goal of using the Ostendi Talent Hunter?

The Ostendi Talent Hunter supports Budimex in the process of recruitment, candidate selection, and development of talent programs. The test’s results describe a respondent’s personality traits, which are the foundation of their qualifications and competencies. The Ostendi personality questionnaire allows objective assessment of candidates during a recruitment process. A structured interview is burdened with a subjective approach. That’s why it’s crucial to not rely solely on a recruiter’s intuition.

What is the the process?

Using the Ostendi Talent Hunter, Budimex has the possibility of defining a referential candidate profile that serves as a benchmark for the candidates involved in their recruitment projects. Thanks to this, Budimex recruiters receive information on how well fit for the position a given candidate is. The company also uses our questionnaire in talent programs and Assessment Centre processes.

What are the benefits of the Ostendi Talent Hunter?

According to Budimex, the Ostendi Talent Hunter report is reliable and accurate. The data is presented in an understandable way, not just for HR experts. On the basis of the report data, Budimex employees can acquire a lot of information about their candidates’ or employees’ potential. This in turn leads to apt recruitment decisions and decreased employee turnover.